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December 2021
Dear Friends:

We hope this newsletter finds you well. We are excited to update you on our happenings this last year! We have continued to operate
during this pandemic by appointment only for adoptions, and it has proven to be a successful way to match serious adopters with new pets.
Our dog adoptions slowed this spring and summer as we worked to repaint and refurbish the dog kennels and kennel gates. In addition to
this project, we have refreshed the paint on the interior of the building, established isolation areas for new/sick dogs and cats, and put in
some fenced-in areas for dogs to play and meet potential adopters. We have developed a website ( that highlights
our animals, our mission, and our events. Most of this work was completed with staff and volunteers working together. We have been
doing at least one event per month in the community. Kitten yoga was one that was a great success and is being planned again in
December. As we grow our volunteer base we hope to do more. Look for us in the Bloomingdale Ruritan Christmas parade in Kingsport on
December 11.

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded and now have a satellite adoption center at the Bristol, VA PetSmart for cats! We can
house up to 10 cats in the store in beautiful cat condos. Our staff is responsible for their care and conducting adoptions. This is a great
opportunity for us to expand our reach north and serve communities that may not come as far as Blountville to adopt a new feline friend.

We have hired Jessica Vazquez as our Rescue Manager. Jessica came to us from the Washington CountyJohnson City Animal Shelter and
brings 11 years of experience in animal shelter work. With her guidance and expertise, we are now microchipping animals at the rescue, doing
in-house testing for cat and dog health conditions, and modernizing our record-keeping on a cloud-based shelter management system.

All of the work we do depends on donations, as we are a private rescue and do not receive funding from any government sources. Every
dollar that is donated benefits animals. We do pay staff to take care of them on a daily basis, and it costs a substantial amount to vet the
animals and just keep the facility operational. At this time we are unrolling a new sponsorship program. Would you consider sponsoring a
dog kennel, a cat condo, or cats housed in our community cat room? Your name will appear on a plaque on the kennel door/cat
condo/community cat room. We also have sponsorships for the animals kept in isolation and our kitten nursery. If these sponsorships are
not in your budget, we truly appreciate any amount that you can give now or in the upcoming year to help our animals. Your donations
allow us to provide care for our cats and dogs so that they may be healthy and adoptable pets. Your donations are tax-deductible, as we
are a 501c(3) charitable organization. Details of this sponsorship program are found on the reverse side of this newsletter.

We have enclosed a selfaddressed stamped envelope and a notecard to return to us. We ask that you please fill out the card and return it
to us so we may keep an updated mailing list, even if you cannot donate at this time. We plan to do mailings three or four times per year.

We will have pet angel trees at businesses in our community and at the rescue again this year. The program was a great success last year,
and we were able to help community animals as well as our own. We also invite you to attend our open house on December 4th at the
rescue. Please come and see the work we have done this year to improve the facility; enjoy holiday refreshments; and participate in our
raffle. We will also have the raffle online for those that cannot attend in person. Follow our Facebook page and view our website to stay
up to date on all our events.

On behalf of all the staff, volunteers, and animals, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for supporting Bridge


Alexa Serfis, Volunteer and Executive Director